Credit – HSBC Platinum MasterCard Mail Offer

HSBC Platinum MasterCard Mail Offer:

  • Your Invitation Number will be included with the mail offer you received for applying to HSBC Platinum MasterCard
  • Each invitation number will have an application deadline which will also be shown on the mail offer after which your invitation number may no longer be valid
  • This is an unlimited rewards program which means all purchases are eligible for rewards with no annual or monthly reward limits
  • Rewards can be selected by the owner of the card and include cash back (which can also be applied as statement credit), travel rewards, merchandise and gift cards
  • New applicants may be eligible for sign up bonuses include 0% APR and bonus points for sign up
  • The Platinum MasterCard has no annual fee and there are not foreign transaction fees applied for purchases made outside of the USA

HSBC is a British Bank (interestingly, the origins of HSBC can be traced back to Hong Kong which was once a British Colony) with a large global presence.  In addition to some more traditional banking services (IE: accounts, lending, etc) they also provide customers with a variety of credit card options.  Pre-qualification offers from HSBC are sent to pre-screened individuals – you can access your offer using the unique invitation number found on your Platinum Card Mail Offer.

The HSBC Platinum MasterCard provides several sign up incentives for new customers including a zero percent intro APR rate which includes balance transfers.  A balance transfer works when you use a credit card to pay off an existing balance on a different credit card.  If you are making payments on a high interest credit card, balance transfers can be a great way to save on interest payments and this feature is available for 12 months for customers who qualify with the HSBC Platinum Card.  The other big incentive for new card holders is a bonus point offer which can be redeemed once activate your new card and during the first 90 days of opening a new account, you charge $500 in spending.