Educational – Humana Medicare Plans

Humana Stick Together

  • Select a Medicare plan with Humana
  • Find the plan that’s right for you
  • Select your plan online

As an insurance company, Humana has a diverse array of interests. They are in the business of providing insurance to a number of consumers, from families to military personnel to seniors. As for the latter, Humana has partnered with Medicare to offer a number of distinct plans through their website. This system was put into effect for the purpose of giving seniors more control of their Medicare coverage. Humana has also streamlined the process so that selecting the right plan couldn’t be quicker or easier. There are also a number of benefits on offer that are only available through Humana.

Medicare plan features and benefits on offer from Humana

  • Combine medical and drug coverage in one Humana plan
  • Free fitness and wellness programs
  • Wide-ranging pharmacy network
  • Prescription medication mail-delivery service
  • Extra benefits not included in traditional Medicare
  • Predictable costs
  • Select any doctor that accepts Medicare

As mentioned above, the process of finding the right plan for you has been streamlined. All that’s required is to visit the promotional website (see below) and click one of the “Find a Plan” tabs on the homepage. Then enter your zip code and select your location. A number of plans in your area will appear on screen, and you can choose between any them. All the details of the plan will be summarized on screen, and you can check out all the details, including the benefits of particular plans, as well as what is and is not included.

Contacting Humana

  • 1-800-486-2620
  • Humana, Inc. 500 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202