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AT&T Rewards Rebates Program Online

  • Sign up for AT&T and get rewards and rebates
  • Get savings on Internet, DIRECTV, home phone and wireless devices
  • Redeem your AT&T rewards and rebates online

AT&T is one of the most popular and widely used providers of Internet and communications services around. This is precisely because they are always trying to streamline efficiency for the customer. Case in point: AT&T U-verse. This all-in-one home solution bundles Internet service with DIRECTV and smartphone connection all in one plan. Still not convinced. Consider that those who switch to AT&T are always eligible for a number of rebates, discounts and promotions. These can all be found quickly online via the AT&T Rewards & Rebates Center.

How to Redeem Rewards via the AT&T Rewards and Rebates Center

  • Visit the promo page (see below)
  • Click the “Redeem” tab (for those who have a redemption ID
  • Click the “Activate/Check Balance” tab (for those who have received an AT&T gift card
  • Click the “Check Status” tab, for those who are eligible for one of AT&T’s many mail-in rebates
  • Click the second “Check Status” tab (for those who would like to check the balance of activate their AT&T promotion card

Because AT&T is offering so many stellar services, it only makes sense to provide a page where folks can access their savings. Every aspect of promo cards and rebates is accessible via the promo page, although AT&T asks that folks limit themselves to one inquiry at a time for the sake of expediency. Other than that, AT&T will continue providing the utmost in communications services and customer care for the foreseeable future.

Contacting AT&T

  • 800-331-0500