Educational – Transcript Ordering Center by National Student Clearinghouse

Transcript Ordering Center by National Student Clearinghouse:

  • Individuals seeking a copy of their transcript can visit this website to order and make the payment for a copy of their college transcript
  • Payment is made through the website and customers can complete their purchase using a credit card – VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted
  • To begin the process, individuals will need to select the college at which they attended – an alphabetical list of college and universities will allow you to find your school from the homepage
  • Once you select your college or university you will then be able to submit on to your ordering process to complete the personal information and payment section

When a student attends a college or university and earns college credit they will then have an academic transcript available from this college upon leaving.  A college transcript will include all classes which a student earned credit and will also include credit hours will may not have been completed whether this is due to non-passing grades or lack of attendance/completion.  Knowing this, it is wise to attempt to complete any classes with a passing grade after the allowable withdrawal period has lapsed.

In order to receive your college transcript you must provide proof of your identity and there is typically a fee associated with the process charged by the university.  Student Clearinghouse provides this service to process your transcript without going through your college’s clerical offices which can be difficult to find proper contacts for.

Additional Information About The Transcript Ordering Center:

  • Many universities and colleges are available through this service – if your university is not listed you will need to visit your college’s official website
  • Once your order is placed for your transcript, the college or university will process the order and your transcript will then be issued