Promotional – Shell Fuel Rewards Program Gold Status

Shell Fuel Rewards Program Gold Status:

  • Shell Fuel Rewards Participants can sign up for the Shell rewards program and automatically receive gold status for their account which provides additional benefits
  • Once you sign up you will receive a full rewards program card which will provide you the opportunity to swipe your card and then receive a decrease cost for your fuel up
  • In addition to receive a discounting just for using your card there are additional ways Fuel Reward members can earn discounts such as shopping with participating vendors
  • To create a new account you will need to provide your name, phone number, email address, and zip code – you will also need to create a password for you new account

Many businesses provide reward incentives for loyal customers which are generally in the form of discounts for products or services.  The Shell Fuel Rewards Program is in place to provide Shell customers an opportunity to receive discount on full purchases.  When signing up under the current promotion at the main Gold Status sign up page your account will automatically be a gold level account which provides 5 cents back on each gallon of fuel purchased up to 20 gallons per purchase.

There are other ways to access discounts for gasoline using the Fuel Rewards program.  For instance, there are over 11,000 restaurants which participate in the program and when $50 are spent you can receive 10 cents off a gallon of gasoline.

More Information About the Shell Fuel Rewards Program and Gold Status:

  • If you have a fuel rewards account with a registered email address and password you can log in to your current account by visiting the login link
  • Gold status will provide fuel reward members with at least 5 cents off each gallon of gas but if there are additional discounts on your account you will receive these in addition