Educational – Montana Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance For You

Montana Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance For You:

  • Montana residents who are filing for unemployment claims can visit the main Montana Department of Labor and Industry webpage to file their initial unemployment claim
  • To start your claim you can navigate to the start link on the main page and then will be asked to provide your social security number and your date of birth in the requested fields
  • Throughout the claim filing process you will need to provide information including your current mailing address, and telephone or email address, and past employer contact information
  • Many claims can be completed online but not all can be fully filed through the online claims service – you will be notified to contact the Claims Processing Center if necessary

Unemployment claims are a critical step to take if you have recently been subject to job loss and require unemployment benefits.  Understanding your benefits fully is vital to making sure you will be okay during your time unemployed.  Filing your unemployment claim is the first step to starting the process to receive unemployment benefits.  During your claim filing with the Montana Department of Labor and Industry you will need to provide all of the requested information in order to complete your claim process.

Through the main claims website, Montana residents applying for unemployment benefits can start a new claim, reactivate and existing claim, and appeal the decision of a previous claim.  If you have a previously filed claim you will need to have your PIN number available to retrieve your claim and access your previous filing (if you forgot your PIN, a PIN retrieval process is available).

More Highlights Regarding the Montana Unemployment Insurance For You Website:

  • If you are changing addressed and have Unemployment Benefits you will need to update your address or your benefits can be cancelled if not resolved
  • Your 1099-G form can be viewed and printed through the website once you retrieve your form
  • Direct deposit of your claim benefits is available – bank account information will be required to set this up


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