Promotional – Getting Rewarded For Disney Movies

Getting Rewarded For Disney Movies:

This Disney Movie Rewards program is an optional loyalty program in which customers can sign up to earn exciting rewards.  Rewards are based on the eligible purchases you make with your account and when you earn enough rewards you can choose from rewards such as Disney Collectibles, Apparel, Blu-Ray/DVDs, and movie theater admission.  Signup for the program is easy – you will first need to verify your birthday and provide your zip code and then will be able to make an account which will link to your email and will be used to sign in once you have completed the registration process.

Details Regarding The Disney Movie Rewards Program:

  • If you have purchased a Disney Movie or other merchandise which included a Rewards Code you can enter the code online and the points available for that purchase will be credited to your account – you will need to login or create an account in order for your rewards to be collected
  • Special offers can also allow customers to earn reward points – currently when new members join the Disney Movie Club they are eligible to receive up to 5 movies for $5 and will receive up to 1250 reward points – latest offers can be found on the rewards website
  • When you enter your code through the rewards website you will be directed to either sign in  using your existing account or to create a new account where you can begin to earn rewards
  • Codes can be found on eligible movie purchases or when you purchase eligible theater tickets – both reward codes can be redeemed through the main Movie Rewards Website

Loyalty programs are designed to encourage customers to purchase particular products or services – ideally, customers should be looking for reward programs for things they are already purchasing.  If you are a Disney fan (which includes a massive amount of movies) you can join their rewards program and begin to earn rewards for the purchases you are already making.