Financial – Discover Personal Loans Customer Invitation Page

Discover Personal Loans Customer Invitation Page:

  • If you have received a credit offer from Discover Personal Loans you can visit this website and provide your Personal Invitation ID to access your offer
  • To begin the process you will need the Invitation ID you received in your preferred status certificate and then enter a valid email address to continue the process
  • Your credit score will not be impacted when checking to see if you qualify for your loan which means you can view your offer without a detrimental credit result
  • If you qualify for the loan you can then complete the full application and once your offer is provided you can determine if you would like to accept the loan offer

Personal loans are often popular options for consumers who may not want to pursue a more traditional loan (such as an auto loan).  Personal loans are often used to pay off high interest debt such as credit card debt.  If you are carrying a large balance on a credit card with a high annual percentage rate (APR), you can consider options such as a personal loan to reduce the interest you are paying on your debt.  By paying off a high interest loan with a lower interest loan you can save substantial amounts of money.

Discover Personal Loans provide many features which competitors do not.  For instance, there is no origination fees or closing fee with Discover Personal Loans which are common practice with many personal loan lenders.  You can also be eligible for a fixed rate which means that your interest rate will never rise during the life of your loan.

Additional Information about Discover Personal Loans:

  • Often times the decision on your personal loan will be available to you the same day your begin the loan process
  • Prior to your loan acceptance you can review the monthly payments and terms based on the amount you select for your personal loan ‘