Credit – Citi Customer Credit Card Benefits

Citi Customer Credit Card Benefits:

  • If you are a Citi Credit Card Customer you can visit the main card benefits page and log in to your account to view benefits specific to your account
  • Consumers can also view benefits provided to cardholders through Citi Bank including account protection benefits, travel benefits, shopping benefits, and entertainment
  • There are many featured benefits and you can easily learn about each of them by visiting the learn more link associated with the benefit you are interested in researching further
  • To view benefits specific to your card you will need to log in to your account using a previously registered username and password which will direct you to your card benefits info

Citi Bank provides a wide variety of credit cards including cash back cards, travel cards, and rewards cards.  It can be confusing to keep track of exactly what rewards you are eligible for when you considering things like points vs cashback, different categories, and many other purchase qualifiers.  Citi Bank removes this confusion by providing consumers with an easy to use benefits page which will list the key benefits associated with your account so you can make sure you are getting the most of your purchases.

If you are a Thank You Points recipient (Citi’s Rewards Program) you will be able to view your balance when you log in and you will see how you earn Thank You Points when using your card.  Details of additional benefits can also be found through the Citi Benefits pages.

Additional information Regarding Citi Credit Card Benefits:

  • If you see a benefit listed that includes an option to add the benefit such as adding the Citi Mobile App you can select this to learn more about receiving this feature
  • Citi Bank provides wide ranging features for credit customers including $0 liability for unauthorized charges, FICO Score reports on select accounts, and Citi Price Rewind on select accounts