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Aetna Disability

  • Handle disability, leave, and workers’ compensation claims with WorkAbility
  • Manage all claims online
  • Company-wide benefits for employers and employees

For years, Aetna has been one of the top names in insurance. This is because they place a premium on efficiency and valuing their clients. To this effect, Aetna has created the WorkAbility program, which is a state-of-the-art company administration tool for absence management. Now employers have the resources they need to track time-off incidents, manage employee absences, resolve claims, interface with workers’ compensation administrators and generally coordinate all aspects of employee absences. All of these features are offered in one online location, and employers can access them anytime of day or night. But WorkAbility isn’t just for the bosses; it helps employees deal with their claims and manage their absences as well.

Employee benefits of WorkAbility

  • Access claims information 24 hours a day
  • Receive e-alerts
  • Upload documents
  • File claims and report absences
  • Receive access to disability benefit pay

And WorkAbility isn’t just online. Folks can access the system via the convenient mobile app, which is totally free through Aetna. All anyone needs to do to get the app is to text Apps to 23862 and it will automatically start downloading. Once installed folks can access all their WorkAbility data right from their handheld. And signing up for WorkAbility itself is a breeze. All anyone needs to do is visit the promotional page (see below) and click the “Reigster Now” tab. Then follow the screen prompts to create a WorkAbility ID and password.

Contacting Aetna Disability and Absence Management

  • 866-236-5089