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Immigrant Visas State Case Status

  • Apply or check the status of a U.S. Citizenship application online
  • The service is operated by the NVC aka National Visa Center
  • Applicants must complete a petition (I-130, I-140, etc.) for an immigrant visa
  • Please allow for 6 to 8 weeks before contacting the NVC
  • All withdrawal request must be submitted in writing

An attorney is not required to apply but the applicant may do so by filing form G-28 which is a Notice of Entry of Appearance.  Any questions about the NVC or the immigrant application process can be directed to (603) 334-0700 OR by mail at: National Visa Center Attn: WC 31 Rochester Avenue Suite 200 Portsmouth, NH  03801-2915.

Popular visa categories?

  • Student
  • Temporary Workers/Employment or Trainees
  • International Cultural Exchange
  • Athletes. Artists & Entertainers
  • Crewmembers i.e. Airline, Ship

Visa fees start at $160 and may go as high as $2250.00 depending on the application type.  No fee is charged for U.S. government employees travelling on official business, Applicants for A, G, C-2, C-3, NATO, and diplomatic visas (defined in 22 CFR 41.26) and Applicants for J visas participating in official U.S. Government-sponsored educational and cultural exchanges.  The average cost of a Visa is right around $200.


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