Financial – CommonBond Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing

CommonBond Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing:

  • CommonBond is currently providing pre-selected offers (often via USPS mail) to former students who qualify for their refinance and consolidation loan programs
  • If you have been pre-selected and received a letter indicating you are eligible for particular rates you can visit this page and enter the priority code which is found on the mailer you received
  • Refinancing is a process which allows debt holders to have their current loan paid off by taking out a new loan which often comes at reduced interest rates and payments to provide incentive
  • CommonBond provide refinance and consolidation options available for federal student loans, private student loans or even student loans which have previously been consolidated

Many companies, especially companies which offer lines of credit or loans, will often “pre-screen” consumers through a process which allows them to send out offers to people who are most likely to qualify.  This is often a win win for consumers and businesses as it prevents credit denials which can be time consuming for a business and distressing for an individual.  CommonBond provides priority codes to debt holders who have met their pre-selected criteria for student debt refinancing or consolidation.  CommonBond consolidation and refinancing programs include some cost saving benefits such as no loan origination fee and no application fee.  Once you have been approved for a loan through CommonBond you can begin the process of consolidation of your existing loans which will result in a single monthly payment instead of multiple separate payments (this is one of the big perks of consolidation aside from potential cost savings).

Additional Information About CommonBond Loan Programs:

  • Once you enter the priority code found on your letter, you can then proceed with the application (please note application can be completed without code as well)
  • CommonBond Loans are at times eligible for rate saving offers if you agree to convenient features such as AutoPay