Financial – Aflac One Day Pay for Supplemental Insurance

Aflac One Day Pay for Supplemental Insurance:

  • Learn about Aflac’s One Day Pay program for insurance claims
  • One Day Pay is available for claims filed through Aflac’s Smart Claim system
  • Funds can be available in one day when all necessary claim documents are provided by 3pm ET
  • Discover what is required in order to meet the One Day Pay requirements for processing your claim

Aflac offers personal insurance and attempts to offer a straightforward and simple process for consumers to use their claim system – best featured by their One Day Pay service.   One of the leading carriers for accident insurance, Aflac provides peace of mind for consumers who have to worry about unexpected expenses due to injuries, sickness and more.  You can browse all of the insurance products Aflac offers online 24/7.  The One Day Pay feature is provided for insureds who are filing eligible claims such as accidents, injuries, sickness or hospitalization.

More Information about the One Day Pay Program:

  • The One Day Pay service is available Monday Thru Friday – all necessary claim documents must be submitted by 3pm ET time to qualify for One Day Pay
  • Funds are delivered through direct deposit or if no bank account is associated you can elect to receive your funds through the mail
  • No additional cost is associated with Aflac’s One Day Pay program

Supplemental Insurance is becoming a popular product to provide additional peace of mind.  With rising costs of medical care – consumers are looking for products which will assist them in times of financial need due to injury or illness.  Aflac is one of the biggest supplemental insurance providers in the country and attempts to continually improve their products by simplifying the insurance and claims process.