Financial – Ameren Act On Energy Rebates

Ameren Act On Energy Rebates:

  • Ameren is a utility company operating in Missouri and Illinois and customers can visit this page to view potential rebates they may be eligible for
  • To begin the process you can first select which state you receive service in – this will direct you to a webpage which provides the rebates available for your area
  • Once you have selected the correct state you can then determine if your rebate options will be for a home service or for your business to see what rebates you may qualify for
  • Rebate options may include savings for upgrading with the installation of energy efficient AC/Heating, installation of smart thermostats or rebates for eligible Energy Star products

Many utility companies are providing customers with incentives for upgrading their homes with energy efficient products.  Ameren Missouri and Ameren Illinois are providing customers and businesses with rebate opportunities for eligible upgrades.  When you are reviewing the rebates available through their rebate page you can find retailers which provide the products eligible for rebates and also find contractors for installation of new appliances such as new air conditioning installation.

There are a variety of eligible installations and products eligible for rebates such as geothermal heat pump installation, replacement of air conditioning unit with a SEER rating of 14 or higher, installation of Smart thermostats, or installation of an Energy Star eligible air conditioning unit.

Additional Information about Ameren Rebates:

  • Ameren rebates vary by state and products may differ depending on which state you receive services in
  • There are residential and business opportunities for rebates so if you are a business owner and a home owner you will want to check for rebates for both your home and business
  • Installation of energy efficient products can result in lower utility costs and also results in fewer emissions