www.SunFunDone.com – Sun Fun Done Sweepstakes Hawaiian Tropic Banana Boat

Sun Fun Done Sweepstakes Hawaiian Tropic Banana Boat:

  • If you have recently visited a Walgreen’s location and purchased a Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic product and were provided a PIN code you can register at this website
  • To qualify for this sweepstakes you will need to purchase at least one eligible product and at checkout you will be provided with a voucher which will have your PIN number for entry
  • Contestants in this sweepstakes are eligible to win thousands of prizes including a grand prize trip to Universal Orlando Resort which is located in Orlando Florida
  • No purchases is necessary to participate in this sweepstakes – consumers can also request a PIN number by mail which can be entered in just the same way

Sweepstakes are a great way for companies to promote their products while providing nice bonus gifts for customers who decide to enter the contest.  The Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat Sweepstakes arrived just in time for summer and customers shopping at Walgreen’s who buy eligible products will receive a chance to win a number of great prizes.  Prizes for this sweepstakes are summer related and include great things such as a 3 night grand prize trip to Universal Studios Orlando.  Other prizes include Walgreen’s gift cards, Pandora Subscriptions (2 weeks) and other prepaid prizes.

Additional Information Regarding the Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat Sun Fun Done Sweepstakes:

  • The Sun Fun Done sweepstakes begins in the spring of 2017 and runs through the summer of 2017 – the exact dates are 4/30/17 through 6/24/17
  • To particpate you will need to enter your PIN code on the sweepstakes website, verifiy you are not a robot and then submit the code to determine if you are a winner
  • This contest is open to legal US residents who must be at least 18 years of age to participate