Financial – Enrolling Your Business With PEX

Enrolling Your Business With PEX:

  • Businesses who are attempting to enroll with PEX Card can visit the PEX Enrollment website to begin the enrollment process which will begin the setup process
  • To begin the enrollment process, business owners will be asked to provide information regarding their contact information and their business contact information
  • Once you provide your basic contact information for the business you are enrolling you will then be asked to provide additional information about yourself and your business
  • If you are already enrolled with PEX you can navigate to the login page where you will need to select whether you are logging in as an Admin or as a Cardholder

The PEX Prepaid Business spending card is designed to be an easy way for business owners to handle their expenses and manage the spending of funds.  Cards can be provided to employees and the available funds must be loaded on to the card prior to use.  Unlike a business credit card, the PEX Prepaid Card does not run on credit – rather, employees will only have access to funds which have been added to the account which allows for easy management of funds and transactions.

The PEX Card also provides business owners with an easy way to manage their employee spending.  When employees are spending money on behalf of a business it can be difficult to keep track of expenses.  Having a system such as the PEX Prepaid Cards allows employers to easily access all business related expenses from their PEX account.

Additional Information Regarding the PEX Prepaid Card:

  • If you are registering a new account for the first time you will need to provide your card number and the four digit year of birth with the cardholder
  • PEX provides a free mobile app with is available for Android and iOS smartphones to access your account while on the move