Credit – USBank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card

USBank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Credit Card:

  • US Bank Customers who have signed up for the US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card can visit this website to begin their benefits registration process
  • To begin your registration process you will need to provide your last name and first initial, your zip code, and the last four digits of your credit card number (found on your card)
  • Once you complete the registration login using the above information you can then register your card to access your benefits for special promotions and events
  • The US bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite Card is available only to US Bank customers and is a premium travel credit card with premium rewards and benefits

Premium credit cards – that is, credit cards which are designed for individuals with good credit and often have an annual fee – provide cardholders with superior rewards over traditional credit cards.  US Bank has entered the premium credit card market with the debut of the Altitude Reserve which is a credit card exclusively offered to US Bank Members.  In order to apply for this card you must have an existing account with US Bank.  Once you are approved and receive your new card you can then register for all of the benefits provided to cardholders.

The Altitude Reserve is a travel credit card but also provides a unique rewards system which cardholders can enjoy – the ability to earn 3x points for all purchases made using mobile wallet spending.  Mobile wallets are services which allow customers to charge purchases using their mobile devices with a linked credit card.

Additional Information Regarding the US Bank Altitude Reserve:

  • This credit card does have an annual fee which cardholders must pay but you do receive up to $325 in annual travel expenses on your statements
  • Cardholders receive 3x points on all travel purchases and as mentioned above, 3x points on all mobile wallet purchases charged to your card
  • To receive the initial points points (50k points) cardholders need only to spend $4,500 on their card in the first 90 days of opening their account


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