Financial Promotional – Video Interview With Ron Paul

 Ron Paul Message 8

  • Former Congressman Ron Paul spouts a bunch of nonsense about an Economic disaster for America
  • The site is operated by Stansberry Research
  • Claims that the future financial crisis will be worse than Black Monday and Great Depression
  • Provides ways to protect savings and wealth (buy gold and silver)
  • Ron Paul says it’s not a question of IF but WHEN

Stansberry Research is an independent financial research firm that has had issues with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  In 2003 the SEC brought a case against Stansberry & Associates Investment Research which was called a “scheme to defraud public investors by disseminating false information in several Internet newsletters.”

Who or what is Ron Paul?

  • A former Texas Congressman
  • Promotes the handbook entitled America 2020 – The Survival Blueprint in the video
  • Free to accept money for this endorsement as he is no longer a member of Congress

Ultimately the video/website is attempting to get the consumer to buy into the Stansberry’s Investment Advisory subscriber newsletter which includes the 1-year subscription to Stansberry’s Investment Advisory which will arrive on the first Friday of every month (along with three research reports).

Any questions about the Ron Paul Message 8 Video can be brought to the attention of (888) 261-2693 or for international consumers please dial (443) 839-0986.  Stansberry Research can be reached by email at