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NY Flood Survey

  • Participate in the New York University Flood Survey
  • Take the survey online
  • Those who finish the survey will be entered to win a gift card from Amazon worth $100.

From its inception in 1968, the goal of the National Flood Insurance Program has always been to mitigate the impact of flooding on private and public lands by offering low-cost insurance. But as with any bureaucracy, resources can be misallocated. New York University aims to correct any inefficiency by gleaning a fuller understanding of how and why New York City residents purchase their flood insurance. Through this survey, folks have the opportunity to answer some questions about their insurance-buying habits while helping government to be more effective. Not only that, participants will have the opportunity to enter and win an Amazon $100 gift card.

Details of the NYU Flood Survey

  • Study will help researchers better understand National Flood Insurance Program participation factors
  • Study is being conducted by NYU’s Institute for Policy Integrity with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
  • Results will be handed over to New York’s environmental protection agency as well as FEMA
  • In total, 10 $100 Amazon gift cards will be awarded to survey participants
  • Must be at least 18 years old to participate in the study.

Those who do wish to participate in the study can visit Here they will be asked to enter the personal access code located at the bottom of their invitation card. Then the survey begins, and participants will be prompted to answer questions about their insurance-buying habits. Personal info will be collected during the course of the survey, but the identity of the survey taker will be kept strictly private. None of this info will be used for reporting purposes.

Contacting the NYU Flood Survey

  • 212-998-6596