www.lightandfitpromotion.com – Dannon Light and Fit Pandora Sweepstakes

Dannon Light and Fit Pandora Sweepstakes:

  • This sweepstakes is designed to promote health awareness for Dannon customers who purchase Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt – excercise, good eating and good music are great combos
  • Participants in the sweepstakes will have a chance to win access to Pandora Plus which is Pandora’s Premium audio service and normally requires monthly fee to access
  • In order to enter, participants will need to provide their full name, an active email address and their current phone number – your account will only need to be created once
  • This sweepstakes is unique in that unlike many sweepstakes which only focus on the prize, this sweepstakes also promotes living a healthy lifestyle

Dannon Yogurt and Pandora are promoting their products with the Dannon Light and Fit sweepstakes in a promotion which will span well in to the new year.  Sweepstakes participants are able to register one time during the sweepstakes period however the instant win promotion can be checked daily during the promotional period.  During the sweepstakes period there will be a maximum of 3,233 instant win prizes of a 3 month Pandora Plus Membership and 511 instant win prizes of a 12 month Pandora Plus Membership.  Once you have created your account (internet connection will be required to do so) you can log in at anytime using just your email – please note you must use the same email with which you signed up for the promotion initially otherwise you will not be able to log in to your original registered account.

Additional Information about the Dannon Light and Fit Pandora Sweepstakes:
  • This sweepstakes begins on 1/1/2017 and runs through 6/30/2017 
  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age and must be legal US residents
  • Daily Reminders can be set up through the promotional website to stay fit and healthy and return to the page to check for instant wins