Credit – Citi Promotional Interest Rate Offer

Citi Credit Cards Promotional APR Interest Reduction Offer

Select Citi Credit Card holders have received a promotional offer which provides a substantial decrease towards their current interest rates.  This rate change is not permanent and after the promotional period your interest rate will return to your previous amount based on the Prime Rate.  There really isn’t much of a reason not to select this offer because it comes at no cost and even if you do not intend to keep a balance on your card it wouldn’t make much sense not to accept the offer just in case you have a billing statement where you do not pay your entire balance.

The offer is all encompassing in terms of what purchases are covered.  All new purchases on your credit card once activated will be covered so if you are looking to make a big purchase and were planning on financing the purchase this could be a great opportunity.  The promotional rate will be 1.99% and is good through 5/1/2019 (specific offers may vary depending on the individual offer).  This rate is substantially lower than a typical credit card rate which is general in excess of 15%.  This rate is also much lower than most other short term lending options like personal loans so therefore it is certainly worthy of consideration (but again, only if you were already planning on financing a purchase).

Activating The Citi Special Purchase Rate Can Be Completed Online:

When activating your offer you can do so online or by phone.  The easiest method is online ( as all that is required is you to log in to your account, verify the credit card for which the offer is eligible, and click the activation button.  To access your offer you will need to log in to your Citi Online Account and you will automatically be redirected to your offer which will look something like this (please note the interest rates will likely differ than what is show below):

The offer details will provide your promotional interest rate (shown above at 1.99%), your date for which this rate is good for, and what your interest rate will be once your offer expires (this value will vary depending on your current interest rate).  After reviewing your offer details simply click the activation button below the information and you new rate will be applied.  Again, this offer does not cost any money and therefore there is very little reason to not activate – activation must be completed by the indicated time (the above offer requires activation by 10/30/18).

Contact By Phone:  1-866-765-4186