Coupons Survey – Cafe Rogue Survey Sweepstakes

Café Rouge Feedback Survey Sweepstakes

  • Diners can win and win again by taking the Café Rouge survey
  • Get a free Café Rouge Dessert and earn the chance to win a 250-pound gift voucher!
  • Use your customer receipt to participate in the Café Rouge survey

Great French cuisine has always combined humble ingredients with precise and flamboyant execution. It’s this commitment to fundamentals and presentation that has made Café Rouge a favorite across the UK, ever since they opened their first location in Richmond, London, in 1989. And although Café Rouge is now part of the stellar Tragus Group of restaurants, they began humbly, as the passion project of Karen Jones and Roger Myers. They started small, like any great French bistro, and grew their empire from there. Of course, they offer all the greatest hits, such as the croquet monsieur, various pates, omelette et frites and much more. They even have mouth-watering desserts, such as profiteroles and sorbets. But the reason people come back for more has to do with the quality.

How Café Rouge maintains their standards

  • They always offer the freshest ingredients
  • Their head chef regularly inspects their kitchens
  • All cooks use traditional French techniques
  • They are always updating and refurbishing their décor
  • They put their customers first

It’s this last rule of thumb that has led Café Rouge to offer their new customer survey and sweepstakes—because one reward simply isn’t enough. Customers who wish to take the survey and receive their free dessert will need the feedback code printed on their customer receipt. Don’t have a feedback code? No problem. Folks can take the survey simply by entering the location of their previous Café Rouge visit as well as the date and time of service. After the survey you will receive your offer for a free dessert, such as the decadant crème brulée.

Contacting Café Rouge