Credit Educational – Hilton Honors Amex Card Transfer

Hilton Honors Amex Card Transfer:

  • Current Hilton Honors Credit Card holders who have their accounts with Citi will find that their account will be converted to a American Express Card on January 30th, 2018
  • The transfer of you card will occur with no necessary action on the side of the cardholder, however, you will begin receiving correspondence and information regarding the new account
  • American Express took over the Hilton Honors Program and the Citi Hilton Honors cardholders will be switched over to Amex as part of the agreement on the transfer
  • To learn more about how this transfer will affect you and your account you can visit the American Express Hilton Honors Transfer page to view the details of the process and your new card

Many Citi Hilton Honors Card Holders have likely received notification of a transfer of their account.  To learn more about how this process will affect you and any changes to your account, American Express has created an information site to review the perks and features of your new card as well as explain the conversion process.  The official transfer date will be January 30th of 2018, but you will likely receive your card in mid January before the date of conversation.

One thing cardholders can do in the meantime to faciliate the transfer process is set up their American Express online accounts to so that they can use all of the online features provided to Amex cardholders.  Payments for your credit card will need to be switched from Citi to American Express after the conversion date.

More Details Regarding The American Express Hilton Honors and Citi Account Transfer:

  • Cardholders can still earn Hilton Honors points throughout the transfer process and their points will be accrued for the same Hilton Honors account
  • Citi Hilton Honors Card holders will receive a Hilton Honors American Express Card and Citi Hilton Honors Reserve Cardholders will receive a Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card
  • A full breakdown of benefits and how Hilton Honors Points will be earned with both of the new cards is available through the transfer website


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