Promotional – Dynamite Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dynamite Experience Customer Survey Promotion

  • Use the 11-digit survey code (or the code may be listed as a “discount code” depending on the type of receipt generated) to provide feedback related to a  Dynamite purchase
  • All information will be used to improve the customers future visits
  • At the end of the survey the customers will be awarded a Dynamite 15% coupon PLUS  a sweepstakes entry
  • The coupon can be used on a future purchase at participating Dynamics
  • Please that the drawing aka sweepstakes is sponsored by Empathica are offered by the Sponsor across multiple international clients (to include retail stores and restaurants the United States and Canada)

The Dynamite Customer Satisfaction Survey is available in two languages and should take less than 5 minutes to complete.  It does not appear that the survey offers a toll-free number to call to take the survey in lieu of taking it online.  Scratch that the Dynamite Experience Customer Survey Promotion can be taken by phone by dialing 1-888-882-1138.

Dynamite Fashion

  • Is a Montreal-based FASHION company
  • Operates more than 30 locations and has a strong to very strong online presence
  • Employs more than 5000 people

Groupe Dynamite designers and management attempt to foster a collaborative spirit and shared sense of ambition to create outstanding lines of clothing made for younger to middle-aged consumers.