Promotional – CVS Extra Care Login and Rewards Management

CVS Extra Care Login and Rewards Management:

  • If you are registered with CVS Extra Care Rewards Program you can access your account from the Extra Care page sign in link using your registered email address and password
  • For new Extra Care registrants you will need to create an account prior to logging in which will require you to provide your basic contact information and a valid email address
  • Once your account is registered you will be able to easily refill your prescriptions, manage future prescriptions and access savings and rewards through the Extra Care program
  • The Extra Care account is free to register for and you can use your account to qualify for rewards on eligible purchases made at CVS locations across the United States

CVS is one of the most widely known drug stores in the United States.  There are locations throughout the county and customers are able to enroll in rewards programs which can provide saving opportunities.  The CVS Extra Care program allows customers to register for a rewards account and accumulate points for qualifying purchases made at CVS.  Signing up for the Extra Care rewards program does not cost a dime and can be easily complete through the Extra Care webpage.

When you create an Extra Care account you will be registered to receive ExtraBucks Rewards points which can then be redeemed in the future to reward you for the purchases you made in the past.  There are exclusions which apply (such as alcohol and lottery) but many purchases are eligible for 2x reward bonuses which can be redeemed each quarter.

More Info About the Extra Care Rewards Program by CVS:

  • Extra Care members much earn at least 1 dollar in Extra Bucks in order to be eligible to receive rewards for each earning period
  • Members can sign up for the ExtraCare Emails which will provide them with additional money saving offers