Promotional – New Jersey Transit Online Survey

NJ Transit Survey:

Allows residents to provide feedback in regards to the New Jersey transit system (available in English or Spanish).  The survey is operated by the New Jersey transit system and visitors can share the page via social networking services Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.  All feedback provided by riders will go to help improve the New Transit system and will only be used to improve customer relations.

Transit Survey Quick Hits:

  • Open to all paying riders of the system
  • Should only take about 5 minutes to complete
  • Questions about the survey or the New Jersey Transit system in general can be directed to (973) 275-5555*

Any items that were lost while riding the NJ Transit system should be reported to 973 275-5555 or by using the automated Lost and Found system.  Once reported a lost items the customer will receive a confirmation number and the lost good will be entered into the Lost and Found database and the rider (customer) will be contacted as soon as a computer match is identified.** When reporting a loss item online the customer will have to provide the dates they rode the NJ Transit system and advise if the transportation was via bus or light rail.

Who Is of the New Jersey Transit System:

  • Convenient, environmentally friendly, cost-effective transit system designed for the people commuting in the state of New Jersey
  • Covers over 5300 square miles
  • Operates more than 230 bus routes and a dozen rail lines statewide

The state of New Jersey estimates that over 2 million humans use the NJ transit system per year and without the system there would be mass havoc.  The NJ Transit system is considered the 3rd largest in the country and links people to popular cities on the East Coast such as New York or Philly.

* A live customer service agent can be reached Monday to Friday from 830am to 530pm EST

** Under no circumstances does the New Jersey Transit system guarantee a lost item will be found nor will they pay for the item/good if not found

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