Tech – YouTube Red Subscription Free Trial and Sign-up

YouTube Red Subscription Free Trial and Sign-up:

  • YouTube Red is a new way to experience YouTube with exclusive content and ad-free streaming of your favorite videos
  • Currently new members can register and receive a 1 month free trial of YouTube Red – this offer is available for anyone who is registering a new account
  • After the one month trial period is over YouTube Red is a subscription based service with a monthly fee of $9.99 per month
  • YouTube Red provides members with ad-free streaming, premium music content and original shows which area available to stream at anytime

YouTube is one of the most widely known websites on the internet – it is the place to stream just about  any video content one may be interested in viewing.  YouTube Red allows members to pay for premium YouTube services which are not available with a standard YouTube login account.  YouTube videos earn money by featuring ads but with YouTube Red services members no longer have to be interrupted with ads because YouTube Red provides an ad-free source of revenue.

Another major perk of YouTube Red is that members can save videos directly on their phone through the YouTube Red app.  This allows for offline viewing and listening.  Members can create a saved playlist of their favorite songs and access them anytime without the need of being connected to the internet or using mobile data.  The total amount of saved content will depend on your devices memory capacity allowing you to enjoy hours of offline content directly from your phone, tablet or computer.

Additional Information about YouTube Red:

  • In order to create a YouTube Red account you must have a YouTube account (through Google)
  • In order to sign up for the free month trial, members must provide a payment method which will only be used once the free trial has expired
  • In addition to YouTube Red, members also receive access to Google Play Music account which provides full access to this Google music service