Financial – Yellow Green Farmers Market

YG Farmers Market

  • Enjoy locally sourced produce from Yellow Green Farmers Market
  • Purchase artisanal products made by local craftsman
  • The Yellow Green Farmers Market is open all year round

As environmental issues are pushed to the forefront of public consciousness, more and more folks are deciding to go green. And there are few better ways to start reducing your carbon footprint and live a green lifestyle than by supporting farmers markets. Those living in the Hollywood, Florida area have at their fingertips the Yellow Green Farmers Market, which offers a year-round bounty of the freshest foods, all of them sourced locally. Folks can browse the many stalls for fresh fruits and vegetables, all while meeting the purveyors themselves. It’s great way to glean insight into the journey food makes from the farm to the table. And if you simply want to stop by for a cup of fresh-brewed coffee, that’s okay too.

Some of the many items available at Yellow Green Farmers Market

  • Organic produce
  • Locally grown fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh seafood (stone crabs, fresh fish, etc.)
  • Free range chicken
  • Fresh herbs and flowers

As mentioned above, Yellow Green Farmers Market is a great place to meet and support local farmers and merchants. But anyone can join in and set up shop. YG Farmers Market has merchant applications available for download right from their website (see below), and once approved, you can be one of the 300 booths set up in the facility. There’s no better way for local vendors to build their brand.

Also, YG Farmers Market offers regular events, many of them supporting local charities. For example, all proceeds from the Chairs for Charity contest held at YG Farmers Market went to the Children’s Hospital.

Contacting the Yellow Green Farmers Market

  • 954-513-3990
  • 1940 N. 30th Road, Hollywood, Florida 33021