Promotional – Kohl’s Yes2You Customer Rewards Program

Kohl’s Yes2You Customer Rewards Program:

  • Kohl’s customers can take part in the Kohl’s Yes2You rewards program which gives back to loyal customers in the form of discount for future Kohl’s purchases
  • If you already have a Kohl’s online account you can sign in to your account and view your rewards account balance and any rewards you have already earned
  • For customers who have not yet created an online account with Kohl’s, you can enroll for an online account which will provide you access to the Kohl’s rewards program
  • During the online account enrollment you can also enroll for the Yes2You Rewards program – for customers who have enrolled in store, select this option during registration

Customer loyalty programs can be great ways to save money and earn rewards at the places you shop most.  The Kohl’s Yes2You Customer Rewards Program is designed to reward Kohl’s customer for every purchase they make using their rewards account.  The best thing about the account is that you can earn rewards no matter how you choose to pay for your purchase.  You do not have to use a store credit card to qualify – you just have to make sure to use your rewards account during the purchase to track the rewards.  Once you have signed up for the Yes2You Rewards Program you can quickly access your account 24/7, online to view all of your account information.

Additional Information Regarding the Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards Program:

  • For every dollar spent, Yes2You registrants will qualify for one point towards their rewards – for each 100 points earned, customers will receive $5 in Kohl’s rewards
  • In addition to earning points, you will also receive special offers available to Yes2You customers which provide further discounts for Kohl’s merchandise
  • Customers who have a Kohl’s Charge Card will receive additional discount offers (4 more per year) and all reward members will receive a birthday gift


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