Financial unemployment certification – Apply for Unemployment Benefits in Tennessee

UI TN Unemployment Certification

Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development is a state department tasked with unpleasant job of providing unemployment benefits to the poor people in the state Tennessee. The unemployment benefits are used to provide financial assistance to people who have lost their jobs for reasons that were not of their own doing (in some but not all cases).

How to apply for unemployment benefits:

Online applications

Tennessee residents can file for unemployment benefits by completing an online form found at Online application is available from Sunday to Friday.
Requirements for applications

1) A valid email address
2) A driver’s license
3) Social security number
4) A contact number
5) Address
6) Previous employer’s contact information

Please note if the applicant fails to provide any of the above information the claim will be rejected.  After the application form has been submitted, it is then processed by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, where the applicant’s eligibility is determined.  Applicants can expect a decision in 3 to 5 working days.

Phone application

Tennessee residents can also file for unemployment benefits via telephone. Applicants can apply by dialing 1 (877) 813-0950 or (615) 253-0800. Applicants are required to have a social security number, address and contact number. They are also required to provide their previous work details along with the contact information of the last employer.

Qualifications for unemployment benefits

To qualify for unemployment benefits, applicants must meet the following conditions:

1) They must have been actively employed in the state of Tennessee in the past 18 months
2) They must have been earning at least the minimum wage
3) They must have lost their job for reasons that were not of their own doing, for example, due to lack of work or if the employer was reducing the workforce
4) They must be able to work, available for work, and actively seeking employment

Once all the qualifications have been met, the Department of Labor and Workforce Development can then approve the unemployment benefits. The benefits are provided on a weekly basis, and applicants are required to file a weekly certification to continue receiving the benefits. The certification can be filed at They are also required to be available for work and actively seeking employment so as to continue maintaining their eligibility for the benefits.