Educational – Travelers Insurance Premium Audit Service

Travelers Insurance Premium Audit Service:

Travelers Insurance is a very large and well respected provider of personal and business insurance.  Insurance coverage range from property insurance, automobile insurance, commercial insurance, business insurance, workers compensation, and much more.  One of the services Travelers provides for business insurance customers is the option to have their policy audited.  Typically audits can be imagined to be something scary (ie: tax audits) but this audit is designed to make sure that businesses have the necessary coverage on their insurance which can certainly change as a business grows or changes how it operates.  Ensuring a business has the adequate insurance coverage provides vital peace of mind for owners to make sure their business is protected.

Details Regarding Travelers Insurance and Travelers Premium Auditing:

  • Business owners can prepare for an audit to make sure their policy matches the current status of their business including providing their payroll information to make sure coverages are sufficient
  • Customers who have received an invitation letter for a Premium Audit can provide the Temporary User ID and the PIN number they received in the mail and begin the registration process
  • If you already have a started the registration process or set up for an audit with Travelers you can login using your credentials to access your registration which is already in progress
  • The audit process will review your local and state requirements, your type of business, and your premium size of your current policy – this will all be reviewed to ensure adequate and complete coverage

Insuring a business is a very important step in operating and managing a business’ success.  Without adequate coverage businesses can be responsible for financial burdens which otherwise may have been able to be covered through proper business insurance.  If you have a business, have business insurance with Travelers, or have received an invitation to register for an audit you can set up the process to have your business insurance reviewed and audited with Travelers.