Credit – The Build Card Credit Card Offer

The Build Card Credit Card Offer:

  • The Build Card which is offered through MasterCard is a credit card which is designed to help consumers build their credit profile and credit history to improve their credit report
  • If you have received a pre-approved offer for the Build Card you can navigate to the “respond to offer” page which will allow you to provide the pre-approval information which you received
  • Activation of your Build Card can also be completed by following the links on this page – once you have selected the activation option you will then provide your card details to activate
  • The Build Card does not require a security deposit which is sometimes seen on credit cards which are designed to build consumer credit – this really helps with the card’s affordability rating

Maintaining a good credit history is one of the most important financial endeavors a consumer can achieve to protect their ability to secure loans and credit in the future.  One of the biggest challenges is overcoming past credit blunders.  It is often nearly impossible to obtain new credit after having past issues with your credit history.  The Build Card by MasterCard is one credit card which is designed for these types of circumstances.  Consumers are more easily approved for this card than other credit cards by design.  The card provides users with upfront information regarding their credit limit, interest rates, and card fees.  This information is critical when an individual is attempting to rebuild their credit history.

Additional Information about the Build Card by MasterCard:

  • This card is designed to build credit history – this can apply to people with poor credit history or people with a lack of credit history
  • To respond to a Build Card offer you will need to provide the application number and offer code which are found on the Build Card Offer you received