Educational – Genetic Testing Telomere Age Test

Genetic Testing Telomere Age Test:

  • Consumers who are interested in genetic testing – specifically, telomere testing – can visit the TeloYear website to learn about the testing product they offer
  • TeloYears is based on the science of telomeres which are thought to be genetic caps on our DNA which can change with age and could be predictive of overall cell aging
  • The test kit is available through the TeloYear website and is sent to customers who then collect a sample which is then sent back for genetic testing
  • There is one kit available and it can be purchased in a single purchase or two can be purchased at a discounted rate which allows users to track telemere change over time

Genetic testing is becoming a very hot topic in recent years.  There are many genetic testing options available for individuals such as genetic testing to determine disease risk and genetic testing to determine ancestry.  The idea behind TeloYears is much the same as other genetic testing in that users collect a DNA sample and send it in to the lab for processing.  Once your sample is processed you are provided with the results of your test.

For the TeloYears kit, you will be sent a small lancet which allows users to quickly and with minimal pain, collect a small sample of blood in the comfort of their homes.  Once you have collected the sample it is mailed back in the packaging provided in your kit.  Your sample will then be processed to determine the telomere length specific to your body at the time of the test.

Additional Information Regarding TeloYears Telomere Testing:

  • The science of Telomere and the implications of telomere length is recently emerging as an indicator of cell age and health
  • To get an idea of what type of information is provided by testing you can visit the TeloYears website to view a sample report which will show what type of information is provided by testing


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