Survey – Harveys Supermarket $5 Coupon Survey

Harveys Supermarket $5 Coupon Survey:

  • If you are a Harveys Supermarket customer you may very well want to check you receipt because if you do not, you may as well be throwing away a crisp $5 bill of missed opportunity
  • Harveys Supermarket seeks to constantly improve the customer experience but the best chance for them to do this relies on their customers offering thoughts on their time in store
  • Upon completion of your survey, you will receive a $5 coupon for your next visit to Harveys after your spend at least $40 on your Harvey Supermarket purchase
  • If you want to participate in this opportunity, whatever you do, do not ditch your receipt because your survey code will be necessary to start the survey process

Sometimes as a consumer, it may feel like your voice is not being heard when you ponder ways to improve your experiences when visiting stores and getting services.  Companies across the globe are changing this by offering surveys (many of which can easily be completed online) so that customers can offer their opinions of their experiences.  Harveys Supermarket takes this idea one step further by not only providing a voice, but also providing an incentive – a $5 coupon in return!

When you go to the main survey website you will be greeted by a pleasant survey page which clearly shows you where you can find the survey code on your in store receipt to begin your survey.  Simply enter the 18 digit code in to the required field and you can then initiate your survey.

Additional Information Regarding the Harveys Supermarket Customer Survey:

  • Completing this survey will require you to begin the survey within 72 hours of your Harveys shopping experience (after all, it is best to have your experience fresh in your mind if you are offering opinions!)
  • Providing honest feedback is the best route to take when completing a survey – there is not benefit from only say good things – if you have an issue, always voice your concern but also be sure to leave compliments as well


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