Survey – Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Webpage

Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey Webpage:

  • The Culver’s Guest Survey is designed for recent diners at Culver’s restaurants who have been invited to participate in a simple 4 step survey process which will be reviewed here
  • The survey process will require you to have dined at a Culver’s and saved the receipt which was provided to your during the transaction process at your recent visit
  • Upon completion of the survey, guests will be provided a code which can be transcribed on to your receipt and brought back during your next visit to redeem for your reward
  • Guest satisfaction surveys are becoming a fundamental building block for major businesses – the internet allows companies to reach thousands of guests and compile their opinions

Culver’s is a popular food chain which began in Sauk City, Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is perhaps best known for their delicious dairy products, especially cheese.  Culver’s has made dairy one of the highlights of a visit.  Guests can choose from cheese curds, ice creams, and more.  In addition to these items, Culver’s also provides a wide selection of sandwiches including beef, fish, and chicken options.  Culver’s locations can be found in many states throughout the United States.  Founded in 1984, they have expanded to locations throughout the Midwest.  If you have recently dined at a Culver’s, or plan to in the near future, it would be wise to hold on to your receipt so that you can complete this survey for potential rewards.

Additional Information about the Culver’s Guest Satisfaction Survey:

  • Your receipt will have a 18 digit code which is specific to your visit.  You will also find the required TRN number on your receipt which is needed to take the survey
  • Once you have entered this information, you can then begin the survey which will only take a brief amount of time
  • Upon completion, you can then record your redemption code on your receipt which can be redeemed during a future visit


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