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Sync My Ride

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  • Customize your SYNC system

Ford drivers have a whole new way to interact with their vehicle’s information systems—and all it requires is a mobile phone. Yes, SYNC Technology is here, and it allows for voice commands and information gathering by pairing the vehicle with the phone. Drivers can now download news and stock tips, or get sports scores and weather updates, all while on the go. All the user has to do is customize the menu categories according to the information they’d like to receive and SYNC will take care of the rest. In this same way, drivers can receive up-to-the-minute traffic reports that will make their commute that much easier.

How to identify the versions of SYNC, depending on vehicle model and year

  • SYNC basic
  • SYNC with my Ford
  • SYNC 3
  • SYNC MyFord Touch
  • SYNC Voice-Activated Navigation

One other service that makes SYNC stand out is the Send to SYNC feature. Simply put, drivers can find quick, turn-by-turn directions whatever business or establishment they’re looking for. Send to Sync downloads the route information from MapQuest and delivers it right to the vehicle, at which point the driver receives the detailed directions to the destination point. The only thing that’s required to use this efficient feature is an active SYNC Services account.

Also, users should know that using SYNC services or running a vehicle diagnostic via SYNC requires a single phone to be active in the user’s account. He or she may change the primary phone at any time, but only one can be active. Having said that, SYNC allows the owner to make and receive calls using any phone.

Contacting Ford

  • 1-800-392-3673
  • Ford Motor Company, Customer Relationship Center, P.O. Box 6248, Dearborn, MI 48126