Financial – SWC Collections Pay Online

SWC Collections Pay Online:

  • Southwest Credit is a debt collection service to connect with consumers to collect unpaid debts from consumers
  • Southwest Credit allows online payments for debts through their online payment website if the debt needs to be collected and paid
  • Payments can be made using credit card or check by providing bank and routing information which will result in direct withdrawal from your account
  • Southwest Credit is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has been in business since 1974 – this is an important aspect as debt collection can be a industry with uncertainty

Debt collection services are a facilitator between businesses and consumers when debts have gone delinquent.  If you have been contacted by Southwest Collections it is likely that you currently have an owed balance with a company you have done prior business with.  Southwest Credit can assist in paying this debt as well as assist with any dispute or concerns the consumer may have about their debt.  Southwest can also assist consumers who are unable to make the full payment to determine how to best structure the payment of their debt.  If you are in dispute of the debt you can also work with SWC collection to determine if in fact the debt is owed.

Features of Southwest Credit:

  • Dispute resolution for unpaid debts
  • Southwest Credit can work directly with your attorney
  • Identity theft resolution if consumers debt was not their own doing
  • Safe payment options and safe handling of consumer personal information

Southwest Credit attempts to work with consumers to help them understand why they are in collections and how they can resolve and disputes or concerns with any owed balances.  Having been in the accounts receivable business for over 40 years, they have a reputation and the experience to assist consumers with the challenges which can be associated with being in collections.