Promotional – Staples Easy Rebates Submit Find and Track Rebates

Staples Easy Rebates Submit Find and Track Rebates:

  • Staples customers who have made a recent purchase which is eligible for a rebate can visit this website to submit their rebate or if the rebate has already been submitted the rebate can be tracked
  • To begin a new rebate request, customers should first select the place from which the purchase was made – selection are in store purchases, online purchases, or purchases made at an in store kiosk
  • For in-store purchases you will need to provide the “Easy Rebate ID” which can be found on the rebate form you were provided at the time of purchase
  • For Kiosk or Online Purchases you will need to provide the 10 digit order number and the zip code to which the order was sent in order to verify the purchase for rebate

Staples, like many large retailers, often provides incentives to customers in the form of rebates.  Rebates are great for customers because often the rebate is for something which you were already planning on purchasing anyways.  Unlike instant discounts, rebates do require some post-purchase work on the end of the customer.  In order to begin the Staples Rebate process customers can visit this webpage and complete the required forms to initiate the rebate.  You will be asked to provide your mailing address during the rebate process and your rebate card will be sent to your address provided.  If you already have a rebate card and need to check the balance you can also follow the link on this webpage to determine the funds available on your previously received rebate.

Additional Information about Staples Easy Rebates:

  • For orders which were placed online and delivered you can find the order number in your email confirmation or it can be found on the packing slip included with your order
  • For some rebate forms you will need to provide the product serial number – if this is the case you will need the product serial number available at time of completing rebate
  • If you wish to mail in your rebate form, many of the forms can be looked up, printed and sent in for processing


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