Coupons – US Post Office Free Stamp Promo

US Post Office Free Stamp Promo

  • Open an account and print free stamps
  • Get $5 worth of free postage
  • Sign up and earn discounts unavailable even at the Post Office!

How does the old saying go: neither rain nor snow nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers? While it’s true that the good folks at the U.S. Post Office have been a stalwart service throughout American history, they can also use some help in the online age. That’s where the promo website (see below) comes in. endeavors to deliver straight to folks all the postage they require to get their parcels from A to B. In fact, this site acts as a virtual Post Office, and provides all of that organization’s features right from your personal computer. Folks can buy and printout stamps right from their desktop. is so confident of their service, they promise those who sign up that they’ll never need to step foot in an actual Post Office again.

Some other promises from

  • Opening an account is as easy as clicking “Get Started”
  • com offers all services the Post Office does—and more!
  • Order stamps from your computer
  • Four-week trial period includes $5 in free postage
  • Folks who cancel their account before four weeks has elapsed will pay no service fee!

That’s how confident is that you will want to say. Those who do stick it out past the four-week trial period will be charged a moderate monthly fee of $15.99, which includes the first month of service. It’s never been easier to create a user account, since all that’s required is a promo code found on the letter included with the stamp sheet. Once a member, you can begin using this virtual Post Office immediately.


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