Tech – Square Up Credit Card Processing

Square Up Credit Card Processing:

  • Credit card processing solution for business – free trial offer (percent fees apply to all credit card processing)
  • Square up offers 2.75% processing fees for major credit cards including Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express
  • Securely process payments – Square Up encrypts every payment to ensure safety and security for business and clients
  • Choose from a variety of payment platforms which best suit your individual needs

Square Up is a solution for businesses which allows the processing of credit card payments.  This system works by using the Square Up hardware and software (app) combination.  Once the Square Up device is received (such as the portable card swiper) the app is downloaded and you must register your information for processing of payments.  Following these steps, businesses are ready to begin processing customers credit card payments immediately.

Features of Square Up:

  • Currently Square Up can be tried for free – provide your information and you will receive the free Square Reader
  • Payments will be sent to your business bank account in one to two days after processing the payment with Square Up
  • Payments can be processed anywhere you can take your Square Up Reader – allows businesses to take their products directly to customers
  • Square Up can process traditional magnetic strip cards, NFC readers and chip cards

Millions of businesses have turned to Square Up for fast and secure credit processing at a reasonable cost.  Missed sales due to inability to accept payment can spell ruin for a business and Square Up attempts to address this issue for business owners.  Square Up offers many different options and features to specifically meet the needs of the individual business including custom rates for businesses with large annual revenue processing.