Educational – Square Trade Protection Plan Registration

Square Trade Protection Plan Registration:

Many retailers provide customers the opportunity to set up protection plans on certain devices.  Typically, consumers buy protection plans for more expensive items such as high end electronics, mobile smart phones, appliances, televisions, and computers/laptops – these are just some of the more commonly insured items, there are many others as well.  Protection plans function in a very straightforward way – consumers select the protection plan and then make payments to retain their coverage.  Square Trade (an Allstate company) is one of the more popular and well reviewed consumer protection companies and if you have a plan with them you can register your plan online through their registration website.

Square Trade Registration Information and Highlights Regarding The Registration Process:

  • Registering your plan online will provide you with an account with Square Trade and you will be able to easily log in to view your protection plans using your email address and password
  • When registering your plan you will first need to select the retailer from which your protected device was purchased and you will then be asked to provide the email address used when setting up your plan
  • You may also be asked to provide information regarding the purchase which can be found on your receipt (for example, Costco purchases request your last name and Costco Member Number)
  • Once you have provided this information you can then select your plan and create an Square Trade account so that you can easily access your account if you need to make changes or file a claim

Protection plans for devices you use most and would be costly to replace can provide peace of mind in the rare event that a claim would need to be filed.  One of the most important things to keep in mind with any protection plan is to always review what is and what is not covered in your plan.  Plans can vary by plan type, device/appliance type, and more so it is important for consumers to understand exactly what their plan covers that way when a claim is filed you will not have any unhappy surprises regarding coverage for your plan.

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