Promotional – Charter Spectrum Internet and Cable

Charter Spectrum Internet and Cable:

  • Explore this interactive site which includes cost savings calculator and information about the Lost in Space Commercial Crew
  • Learn about the promotional offers available for Charter Spectrum in your area
  • Spectrum is currently offering free DVR service for 12 months when you sign up for Charter Spectrum
  • You may be eligible for contract buy out – up to $500 dollars to go towards buying out your current TV and Internet Contract

Charter Spectrum is currently running their Lost In Space ad campaign which takes a comical look at the troubles consumers have with non- cable TV services such as satellite.  Captained by comedian Kevin Nealon, the crew is incompetent and unhelpful to non-cable customers.  Charter has launched this website for customers to explore more information about the services available thought Charter Spectrum.

Charter Spectrum offers industry leading high speed internet with Spectrum High Speed Internet services of us to 100 Mbps.  Charter Spectrum also offers contract buy out.  If you are unhappy with your current internet and TV services but stuck in a contract with costly termination fees, Charter Spectrum will pay up to $500 when you make the switch to Spectrum.

Charter Spectrum Features:

  • Choose from multiple bundle options such as the Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver (most popular option), and Triple Play Gold
  • Charter offers HD channels for high definition television enjoyment
  • Triple Play Silver and Gold offer the premium stations such as HBO and Showtime
  • Phone services are also available from Charter which include free nation wide calling
  • Charter offers some of the fastest internet speeds available with speeds up to 100 Mbps on all Spectrum plans

Charter Spectrum is rapidly growing in location availability.  You can check the availability of Spectrum at your home or office.

Charter Spectrum also offers the Spectrum App which allows you to access your account from your smartphone and even record TV shows at home while on the go. Internet, TV, and Phone services start at $29.99 each per month.