Tech – SiriusXM Satellite Radio Activation

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Activation:

  • SiriusXM customers who have already purchased their subscription service can visit this webpage to activate their new satellite radio
  • If you have a satellite radio capable device but have not yet purchased a subscription with SiriusXM you can visit the link on this page to compare popular packages
  • For customers who are looking to manage their current subscription you can manage your account and add new programming by logging in to your Sirius online account
  • To activate a new account on your new radio you will to enter your phone number, your radio ID, or your VIN number and then have SiriusXM send the activation signal

Satellite Radio through SiriusXM is quickly becoming a staple for many radio lovers.  Unlike FM and AM stations, satellite stations are available just about anywhere you travel so you are not limited to stations which are in your local vicinity.  Traditional radio stations are regional and are limited by signal strength, but SiriusXM stations are available to all customers no matter what part of the country  you may reside.

If you are activating your account for the first time you will need to have SiriusXM send and activation signal to your radio.  In order to do this, customers will have to provide their Radio ID, the phone number registered with their account, or their VIN number.  Once this have been entered, the signal will be sent and your radio will be activated.  If you are experiencing issues with receiving the signal be sure to ensure that your radio is not obstructed (such as underground or in a parking garage).

Additional Information about SiriusXM Activation:

  • Once your service is activated you will have access to the channels available in the package you select
  • SiriusXM provides a wide selection of music stations, talk radio such as news and sports, and comedy options