Promotional – Shutterfly Promotional Offer With Discover

Shutterfly Promotional Offer With Discover:

  • If you are a Discover customer it is very possible that you have or will soon receive a promotional offer through Shutterfly and Discover
  • This offer allows eligible consumers to enter a promotional code to receive a free 8×8 photo book courtesy of the photo services available at Shutterfly
  • The 8×8 photo book is a $29.99 value but if you have received this promotional offer the cost of the book is waived – you will only be responsible for taxes, shipping and handling
  • In order to redeem the promotional offer you will need enter the promotional code which was delivered in the mailer you received – this is found on the inside of the letter

Shutterfly is an online photo service which allows users to store their photos online so that you never lose a valued photograph.  Once your collection is uploaded to your Shutterfly account you can then explore countless ways to customize your photos and create them in to long lasting memories, gifts, or more.   The free 8×8 photo book allows you to explore the options and custom features users can find on Shutterfly.

In order to redeem this offer, users will have to create an account with Shutterfly.  To create an account you will need to provide some basic contact information such as your name and a valid email address.  When you visit the Shutterfly Discover link you will also be prompted to enter the promotional code that you received in the mail.  This will allow you to redeem your free 8×8 photo book.

Additional Information About This Promotional Offer:

  • When you enter account creation information along with the promotional code, the free offer will be saved to your account to use when ready
  • This offer expires at the end of the year (good through December 31st, 2016)


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