Credit – GM Buy Power Card Applications

GM Buy Power Card Applications:

  • Consumers can visit the application page for the GM Buy Power cards to view options available for earning rewards on which can be used on future GM vehicle purchases
  • There are two options available – the Buy Power Card is designed for consumers and the Extended Family Card which is designed for GM employees and suppliers
  • Buy Power Cardholders will receive 5% rewards on the first $5000 in purchases they make each year and then will receive 2% rewards for all purchases after the first $5000
  • These cards are issued by Capital One and when applying you will be redirected to the Capital One application page to complete the application process for your new card

Credit Cards offer many different types of rewards for consumer purchases.  If you regularly use a credit card for your everyday purchases it is wise to know what types of rewards are available to you so that you are making the most of your purchases.  The GM Buy Power Card by Capital One and MasterCard provides consumers reward earnings which can be redeemed for GM purchases including Buick, Chevrolet, GMC and Cadillac purchases.  Once you have earned points, your points will not expire so you will be able to use your reward earnings at anytime you decide you would like to move forward with a smooth new GM vehicle.

Additional Details Regarding the GM Buy Power Card by Capital One:

  • At times, bonus offers are provided so be sure to check for any new cardholder bonus including $100 dollar statement credit for GM services when your new card is approved and spending is met
  • Consumers can also enjoy 0% introductory APR offers for the first 12 months after opening a new account – APR will then be adjusted based on the approved percentage rate
  • Your sign up bonus ($100) is eligible towards services received at GM Dealerships and will be eligible for the first three statements


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