Promotional – Rogaine Results and Rewards Program

Rogaine Results and Rewards Program:

  • Customers who are interested in learning more about Rogaine products or are regular purchasers of Rogaine products can sign up for their rewards program to earn points for purchases
  • If you already have created an account you can navigate to the login link provided on the rewards webpage and sign in using your email address associated with your Rogain Rewards Account
  • To sign up for the rewards program you will need to first register with Rogaine by creating a new account and selecting that you would like to also sign up for the rewards program
  • The Results and Rewards program sign up is found at the end of the sign up process (check the corresponding box to sign up) and will automatically enroll your account in the program

Many companies program loyalty or rewards programs to their customers who routinely purchase their products.  This incentive provides an additional reason to continue purchasing the product but also is a great way of a company to say thank you to its customers.  The Rogaine Results and Rewards program is designed to be both rewarding and educational.  Members who sign up for the program will earn points for purchasing Rogaine products.  This is not the only way points can be earned.  By watching educational videos about the products and product use you can also earn points which can be redeemed for rewards.  The best part of the program is you get to decide the rewards – choose from options such as gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or credit to future purchases.

Additional Information about the Results and Rewards Program:

  • The main rewards page provides a link which will direct you to a list of products eligible for the rewards program
  • Rogaine is a product designed to help with hairless and tips and advice can be found throughout the website to help consumers understand product use