Financial – Bank Mobile Disbursement Financial Aid Refunds

Bank Mobile Disbursement Financial Aid Refunds:

  • If you are a student who has financial aid refund and you school has partnered with BankMobile Disbursement you can visit the main Refund Selection page to begin the process
  • Student refunds take place when your school has received funds for your tuition that require them to provide you with a refund – this could also be the result of less hours taken
  • To begin the process you will need to provide the personal code you received with your refund notification – once you enter this you can continue to the refund selection process
  • Students can select a variety of ways to receive their refund including the BankMobile Vibe Checking Account which may have fewer fees than transfers to other accounts

Students who are receiving financial aid, grants, or are taking loans to fund their college education may at times need to receive refunds from their institution which were in excess of the tuition that was owed.  For instance, if you have provided funds to your school for 18 hours of classes but then drop down to 15 hours of classes, you may need to be refunded for the now lesser expense due to taking fewer hours.  Schools use many methods to refund students but the BankMobile Disbursement has become a popular option and has been assisting schools with refunds for over 16 years.

More Details Regarding the Bank Mobile Refund Selection Process:

  • If you have not received a personal code but need one for your refund selection process you can provide your school name and school email address to retrieve your code
  • BankMobile often provides students with an email or a bright green envelope in the mail which lets you know you have a refund and need to select how you receive your funds
  • The BankMobile Vibe checking account option is provided with protections from the Department of Education and requires no minimum balance or overdraft fees
  • If you have already selected how you would like to receive your refund you can log in using your registered email address and password to access your online account