Lawsuit – Pool Products Consumer Class Action Settlement

Pool Products Consumer Class Action Settlement

  • Site provides information on the Pool Products Distribution Market Antitrust Litigation
  • Information regarding the Hayward-Zodiac class settlement as well as the Pentail class settlement
  • File an electronic claim
  • Claim form must be postmarked by 12/11/15

The settlement involves a class action lawsuit brought against Pentair Water Pool & Spa, a manufacturer of swimming pool products. The suit alleges that Pentair colluded with Pool Corporation in an effort to fix prices, which is in violation of state antitrust laws. Therefore, those who purchased Pentair products from 1/1/08 to 7/16/13 are eligible to join the settlement class. Pentair maintains that they were never in violation of any laws and thus have denied wrongdoing. The court has neither found in favor of the plaintiffs or the defendant, and the settlement is a way for both parties to avoid a costly and protracted trial.

Your legal rights in the class settlement

  • Request a settlement payment by submitting a claim form
  • Request to be excluded from the class settlement and receive no payment
  • Write an objection to the court detailing your issues with the settlement (claim objection due date is 12/11/15)
  • Attend a hearing on 1/8/16 at 10:00 a.m. and speak before the court
  • Reject payment and surrender all rights in the settlement claim

The website also contains information about the Hayward-Zodiac settlement, which is peripheral to the Pentair lawsuit. The plaintiffs allege that Hayward Industries and Zodiac Pool Systems, manufacturers of pool products, also conspired to fix and maintain artificially high prices for their products. The settlement totals $2.0 million, and the class administrator will distribute payment depending on how many members of the Settlement Class there are. Those who bought a pool product from either of these companies in California, Florida Arizona or Missouri, between 1/1/08 and 7/16/13 are eligible to be members of the settlement class.

Contacting the class settlement

  • 1-866-753-3703