Tech – Plex TV Account Sign In For Code Activation

Plex TV Account Sign In For Code Activation:

  • If you are trying to log in to your Plex TV account on another device and have been provided a code to activate you will need to visit the Plex TV Link Page to enter your code
  • When signing in on a new device you will be provide a code which is typically a four digit alpha numeric code to enter in to your Plex Account when signed in for verification
  • In order to enter your code, you will need to sign in to your Plex TV account using the email registered with your account as well as you account password
  • Once you provide the verification code you account will then recognize the new device and allow you to enjoy the media services provided to users of Plex TV

Plex TV is a unique media streaming application that allows users to access their media as well as live online channels from any of their devices.  Unlike other streaming services which provide uses with pre-selected media content which only rarely updates, Plex TV puts the control in the users hands allowing users to upload their own media which can then be streamed from any device they have registered their Plex Account with.  This allows users to stream their favorite shows which they may have already purchased and downloaded to a device but had not previously been able to stream the content.

More Information about Plex TV and Plex TV Device Registration:

  • One of the most celebrated features of Plex TV is the DVR option available for live streamed channels through the Plex TV services – users can record all of you favorites to watch later
  • To sign up for a Plex TV account you will need to provide a valid email and create a password – no charge is associated with the sign up process but a $4.99 monthly fee applies to users
  • Plex TV is available to users on nearly all common devices such as – personal computer, laptop, Xbox 1, PS4, Apple TV, and many more