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Christopher Jackson was having an ordinary day, an ordinary life, even, up until he decided to purchase Monopoly Millionaires’ Club lottery tickets. Little did Chris know that he had literally bought a ticket to a million bucks. How did he do this you ask? Well, he started by visiting the lotto game’s site to see the participating lotteries in his state. He then visited his local ticket retailer and purchased his tickets. Chris entered these ticket numbers online so that he could collect his monopoly properties. He is probably collecting his own real-life properties as you read this!

After he collected his monopoly properties needed to complete a monopoly lottery color group ,also known as a property set, he earned his chance to fly to one of the most exciting cities in the world, Las Vegas where he appeared on the National TV game show.

You too can get your chance to fly down to Vegas or more than a bachelor party weekend gone wrong. Hey, you can do that and end up coming back $1,000,000 richer! This exciting game is available in lottery states listed as participators on their site. Visit the site today to see whether your state is listed. Now hurry up and buy your tickets, your $1M is getting impatient.

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